You Who Came From the Stars Review



aka Man From the Stars.

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It’s finally over.  This drama dragged a bit too long.  I do believe it deserved its high viewer ratings, but it wasn’t as emotionally engaging as I Can Hear Your Voice, which I think is a good comparison.  Both dramas had the noona relationship (real-life age :), clever comedy, witty lead females, and lead guys who had super powers.  Even though I like Kim Soo Hyun and honestly think he is outer-worldly handsome, his rigid character was a bit frustrating and boring at times.  Compare him to Lee Jong Seok’s character in Voice, and I think that’s the main difference.

Song:   Opening Title – Man from the Stars OST

I absolutely adored Jun Ji Hyun–Cheon Song Yi–and believe she carried most of this drama.  Her mad acting skills perfectly portrayed a sassy actress who could be arrogant and a bit clumsy, but nonetheless she was dedicated and caring.  I loved how straightforward and open she was…just tell it like it is!  Basically the comedy moments of her or her brother with alien Do Min Joon made this worth watching.  I love they way they marveled over him rather than got freaked out.

Kim Soo Hyun–alien Do Min Joon–on the other hand, seemed to always have pent up emotions and words, and he was slow to speak and make up his mind.  He’s been on Earth for like 400 years yet he still didn’t seem to jive with humans or understand why they try so hard even though their lives are so short.  Song Yi is a great match for him because she lives in the moment.  But she also resembled someone he knew from the past and somehow cared for.

I had a couple problems with his alien powers.  It seemed that when the public found out about his powers, everyone just accepted it like it was no big deal.  His powers gave him an unequivocal advantage over anyone, so it just made things too easy.  Speaking of this, the one “baddie” in the drama was really annoying.  Sure his role was important, but it seemed like all of his scenes were of him planning or reminiscing about murder.  And his ‘excuses’ and motives were pretty weak.  I’m comparing him to Min Joon Gook in Voice, who I thought was interesting and thrilling, and who I sympathized for in the end.

If they could’ve cut down on the crime-solving and sped up the pondering-life scenes, the drama would be more enjoyable.  16-18 episode length would have been better.  It really had me LOLing at times and wondering how things would turn out in the end, when our alien had to return to his planet.

~ ~ ~

People live really diligently even though they know they’re going to die.  Even though they know they will break up at some point, when they love, they love like there’s no tomorrow.  Although the future is important, isn’t the present just as important?  -Lawyer Jang

Growing old together…what does it feel like?  I want to grow old with her.  -Do Min Joon

“Goodbye” is something you say in advance.  When the end really comes, you can’t say things like goodbye.  I’m really grateful [that we got to say goodbye].  -Do Min Joon

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  1. I am on episode 19 of this drama… and about two episodes ago I started thinking, they should have wrapped this up. Completely agree with you – it would have been best to shave, shower and shorten this drama to 16-18 episodes. Still, a highly enjoyable supernatural romcom.

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